Over the past 4 years or so, I have used two Shared Hosting providers but for one or more reasons never felt completely satisfied with the service I was getting.

After stumbling upon several reviews for InMotion and a lot of subsequent research and soul searching, I recently opted to move my primary website across to their hosting setup.

So far so good.

I am no techie and so all the detailed specifications that are usually evaluated when deciding upon a hosting provider were set aside and I made my decision based on five criteria.

As a small business owner and not the greatest WordPress expert, I needed:

  • Reliability in terms of uptime, something I had struggled to achieve with my previous hosting company;
  • Great support with respect to both a comprehensive Knowledge Base and Live support. This aspect required a fair amount of thought; not being based in the so-called First World my pleas for help and support would generally be by email and therefore I needed to determine the hosting company’s response time based on this means of communication;
  • Site speed;
  • Easily understood and navigable cPanel;
  • Reasonably priced.
  • From what I had established, InMotion appeared to satisfy these requirements and so I took the plunge, fully aware of some of the concerns by experts regarding InMotions lack of Windows servers and the need to create separate logins for all add-ons. I was also conscious of there being a pricing issue.

This is their pricing model as of January 2017.

The first oddity with their model is the number of websites you are able to manage per plan. The cheapest plan allows for only 2 sites and the Power Plan, which I signed up for, is limited to six. Fine for my purposes but could be a problem if you create and manage customer sites or are big into Internet marketing.

Please note, the basic shared hosting model is called the Business shared hosting.

InMotion is definitely not the cheapest but having experienced two other “cheaper” options I was prepared to see what the first year will bring in terms of service.

My Signup experience

After completing the usual signup process and receiving the confirmation email, the first task I needed to decide upon was whether I would take advantage of their free website transfer or do it myself. InMotion do offer free transfer for one website along with the emails and domain name. This is in addition to the free domain name you receive when signing up.

I opted to do it myself and of course ran into a myriad of problems.

But it did give me a chance to assess their support team.

Knowledge Base and Live Support

I don’t often admit to being blown away by a product or service but I have to admit in this instance that the support, with regard to response time, information and problem solving, was amazing.

Not one of my many queries went unanswered for longer than 24 hours and considering the 12-hour time difference the response times were probably a lot faster. Big improvement when compared to the two previous companies I had been with.

After getting the site bug free my next step was installing a SSL certificate purchased from my domain provider Namecheap. Not wanting to make a complete idiot of myself on my first day at school, I chose to use the Knowledge Base to find out how to do the installation as opposed to pestering the support folks, again.

Absolute breeze. Everything I needed to know about requests to transfer and installing the SSL was available both in video and diagram formats in the Knowledge Base. I actually got it right first time.

I had also signed up with Cloudflare and this created a problem with redirects on my site and not having a clue as to what was happening I went back to the Knowledge Base. It took a few attempts but eventually my site was ticking along beautifully.


Even as a layman in such matters, I can say with confidence that I have seen a noticeable increase in site speed when working in the backend of WordPress.

It is still too early to assess the uptime, but so far no outages.


InMotion has two cPanel layouts, the one resembles that of Hostgator and probably BlueHost while the other layout appears to be of their own design. This is the one I use which is called Lantern. Here are the two layouts.

However, when you first enter your account you are taken to what is referred to as your AMP or Account Management Panel. This is what you are greeted with:

What is immediately apparent from the AMP is the ability to gain access to various activities with one click of the mouse – no passwords required. Although I have a cPanel password, I have never used it.

The AMP gives you quick access to Support, your financial details, creating your WordPress site, applying to transfer a SSL certificate and many others.

The AMP and cPanel are understandable and easy to use. If you do get stuck, there is a wealth of information in the Knowledge Base to help.

In summary

InMotion has met my five selection criteria and although it is still early days in terms of my first year’s subscription, I am duly impressed.

No they are not perfect and I do anticipate that at times their performance my not meet my expectations resulting in possible disappointment. But in fairness, if my site continues to operate as it is and I receive the kind of support I have received to date, I will be happy.

InMotion offer many other freebies and goodies when you first signup but due to a lack of space I have not mentioned them. Please visit their site and familiarise yourself with everything that is on offer.

When you are happy with what you see and decide to sign up please return to this page and use my Signup link to purchase – it would be greatly appreciated.

InMotion discounts are included in the prices displayed on their website which can be as much as 50% at times. Be wary of coupons offered on coupon sites

Do I recommend them?

Yes, especially if you are a first time WordPress user.

In an effort to give you a broader perspective on their capabilities, here are three other assessments you may wish to read.

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Please note that I am an AFFILIATE for InMotion Hosting and therefore should you choose to purchase from InMotion I will receive a commission, for which I thank you. The commission will in no way affect the selling price to you.


The opinions and comments made on this page are those of the author only and should in no way be interpreted as the only opinion on the products. Should you choose to purchase from InMotion you do so at your own risk.

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