Every day we read of someone, or groups of “someone’s” parading through our streets highlighting a public issue; “down with taxes” and “down with Trump” and “up with Tr….” Uh, sorry, “up with three-day weekends”, and so on.

Or alternatively, chanting slogans on the doorstep of a government department or reprehensible corporation.

Nothing wrong with that.

But did you know your smart phone may be telling the authorities a lot more about you then you would prefer?

It is our inalienable right, in most countries that is, to vent our anger or disappointment at a particular event or set of circumstances, but with security becoming ever more vigilant it is important to take your own personal wellbeing into account.

And I am not only talking about getting tear gassed, buck shot up your rear end or the real possibility of being assaulted by the opposing demonstrators.

What if you get arrested?

That means your devices, along with your total body examination, are going to be searched.

I am pretty sure nothing subversive is going to be found on your phone, but it’s the other, possibly really embarrassing messages or images on your phone that are best kept between you and your partner, that are not for public disclosure – understand where I’m going with this?

So before joining the next protest, you might want to watch this video from The Intercept website.

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